1. Keep an open mind for acceptance to new ideas

    You can discuss and share your views with others, and reconsider an issue based on your analysis and reflection.

  2. Think about the things you feel grateful for

    For example, you can recall a happy holiday during a busy working day to refresh your mind.

  3. Think positively while handling stressful situations

    Think about the sense of achievement and skills learnt after completing a difficult project.

  4. Keep track of your mood changes

    You can take a rest and talk to someone if you feel very anxious.

  5. Relax by setting aside your troubles and be optimistic

    Relax and be optimistic. Hold the belief that good things, rather than bad things, will eventually happen.


Take a rest in a park Take a rest in a park

Develop new hobbies  Develop new hobbies 

Know your emotions  Know your emotions