School Mental Health DIY Resource Kit

The early stage of life presents an important opportunity to promote mental health and prevent mental disorders as up to half of mental disorders in adults surface during adolescence. To educate students the knowledge and skills in promoting mental health and assist students in need, “Shall We Talk” produced a series of multimedia materials and compiled the “School Mental Health DIY Resource Kit” (Resource Kit), with three themes as below: 

  • Be a Happy and Cheerful Person;
  • Sleep Well and Treat Yourself Well to Fight against the Epidemic; and
  • Let’s Build the Buffer against Stress.

The content of the Resource Kit is closely related to the physical, psychological and social development of adolescents, such as understanding mental health, mental health under the epidemic and handling study pressure. The Resource Kit includes an Implementation Handbook and a box of material, namely “Board Game Fun”, which help students to master relevant psychological knowledge and skills, as well as promote mental health through applications in daily life. 

Implementation Handbook   樂在棋中 (Chinese version only)  

是非卡 (Chinese version only)

明辦卡( Chinese version only)

We have held three training workshops from July 2022 to August 2022. Each participating school received maximum four sets of Resource Kit for free. Besides, we provided the web version of the related materials for participants to re-print.


Resources Download 

(Only for schools that have participated in the Resource Kit Training Workshop. Please use the password provided during the Training Workshop to unlock )

Notes of the Training Workshop   Implementation Handbook    
Notes of the Training Workshop 
(Chinese version only)
  Implementation Handbook
(hyperlinks for the QR codes
in the handbook are included)
(Chinese version only)
第一節 - 做個開心快樂人  Lesson Outline (Chinese version only)   第二節 - 睡好、愛錫自己來抗疫 Lesson Outline (Chinese version only)   第三節 - 齊來築起抗壓城牆  Lesson Outline (Chinese version only)
Lesson One - Be a Happy and
Cheerful Person
Lesson Outline
(Chinese version only)
  Lesson Two - Sleep Well and
Treat Yourself Well to Fight
against the Epidemic
Lesson Outline 
(Chinese version only)
  Lesson Three - Let’s Build the
Buffer against Stress
Lesson Outline 
(Chinese version only)