School Tour - “Talk with the Flow”

Talk With The Flow

We experience ups and downs in our emotions just like ocean waves every day. How should we get along with it? To maintain mental well-being, “Shall We Talk” encourages everyone to go with the flow through sharing and listening to each other in daily life.

From February to November 2023, “Shall We Talk” organises a school tour, namely “Talk with the Flow”, in 11 Hong Kong tertiary institutions. A Mobile Kiosk acts as a harbour and berths at the school to promote the message of “Shall We Talk”. Students from participating institutions are welcomed to take part in it. For details, please stay tune to the announcements on the “Shall We Talk” social media platforms.

Details of the “Talk with the Flow” School Tour:

Mobile Kiosk The Mobile Kiosk stations at the corner of the school for you to gather and chat with your friends there.
Talk & Sharing Well-known Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) will come to the school to share their stories on emotions. Different concern groups on psychology and mental health will also analyse and discuss mental health issues from a unique perspective. (Seats are limited)
Call Me Maybe Emotions are like the flow of a river. Stories of people who have ridden on an emotional roller coaster are documented through recordings in order to provide support and strength to those who pass by the Mobile Kiosk. You can pick up the telephone handsets placed on the Mobile Kiosk anytime and listen to these stories to cheer yourself up.
Floating Cinema Come and enjoy a mental health-related movie together! Special guests are invited to host a post-screening sharing session. You can enjoy the movie and gain some insights. (Seats are limited)
Workshop Let’s learn different ways to relax! With the strokes in Zentangle, the breaths during mindful meditation and the sound of the Singing Bowls, you can relieve your stress, heal your soul, remove your worries and focus on the present. (Seats are limited)
Distribution of “EMO Survival Kit” The “EMO Survival Kit” includes a number of handy emotional support tools such as mood stickers, a bubble popper fidget and picture cards on emotion tips. It helps to cheer you and your friends up anytime! (Limited stock will be available on a first-come, first-served basis)
Distribution of “No More Moody Bottle” Filled with tea, the “No More Moody Bottle” comes with six flavours which represent different moods. Let the tea arouse your emotional connection, offer you support and relieve your stress. (Limited stock will be available on a first-come, first-served basis)
School Tour - Talk with the Flow

*Special thanks to all participating institutions


Media Interview

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