Offline Programme︰Talk Friday Soup for You

Talk Friday Soup for You


Take a break for 15 minutes to listen attentively and talk slowly. You may perceive the world differently since then! To encourage the public to focus on communication, Talk Friday organised a “Soup for You” programme for three consecutive Fridays on 15, 22 and 29 October 2021. Two cups of healthy and warm soup had been offered for free at the “Soup Station” of 10 designated restaurants. Invite someone you care to grab a seat and drink soup together while listening to his updates and exchanging inner thoughts for 15 minutes. Communicate more may improve the interpersonal relationship and even the emotional health of the city.  

#Choose and put a sticker with friendly words on the soup cup for someone you care
#Invite someone you care to grab a seat, spend 15 minutes to listen to his updates and inner thoughts
#Please refer to the graphics below



TalkFriday Soup for You

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